Writers & Contributors

EMAN.ie would like to reach out to the Muslim community in Ireland and ask if any Muslim adults with a certified teaching background, would have any capacity to help contribute to a vital source of islamic knowledge/teaching in a fun, inspiring and creative way for children in Ireland.

The aim of the magazine is to foster and nurture the islamic identity in muslim children from ages 7-12 yrs in Ireland and to be used as teaching material at home and for school. Insha'Allah

Would you like to join Team Eman? We are looking for enthusiastic creative content writers to collaborate and help inspire the next Muslim generation in Ireland through our new EMAN Islamic Magazine for Kids.

If you are interested or would like to contribute in some way, please send us an email at office@eman.ie

About EMAN

EMAN - Muslim Kids Club is aimed towards Muslim children aged 7-12 years in Ireland.