Writers (Paid)

We are looking for article/content writers to join Team EMAN this summer of 2021.

  • Articles to be written with 12pt, single line spacing with Arial font.
  • Article text to be written in a writing style suitable for ages 7 - 12 years old.
  • Article text is never to be copied from any other person, website or media/magazine unless explicidly given permission to do so. EMAN prefers original content to avoid any misunderstandings. EMAN does not tolerate any acts of plagerism.
  • Each article subject will be announced and the amount of text roughly needed will also be shared with the writers.
  • Article text must be spell checked, grammar checked before submission.
  • Articles must be submitted by email to our Editorial Director
  • Article text will be sent back if it is deemed unsuitable. 
  • Articles will be proof-read by Team EMAN and theologically checked by selected Imams.
  • Articles must be submitted on time by an agreed deadline.
  • Article illustrations by hand/sketch can be added but equivalent (paid) images or graphics will be used to cover any copyright issues on submitted content.
  • Each article will have the byline added.

We are offering to pay our article writers the following:

  • Approved single spread article (500 words) €50 / €2.50 per line
  • Approved double spread article (1000 words) €100 / €2.50 per line

Contributors (Voluntary)

Would you like to voluntarily contribute somehow to the EMAN My Islamic Magazine and have your content added (if suitable) in the next edition of EMAN?

  • Share content with us like simple childfriendly cooking recipes or crossword puzzles.
  • Did you take some recent photos of an activity with your primary school class and would like to share it with us. (Parental permission required to use any photos of any child in EMAN)
  • Do you have any primary school classroom stories (dialogue between students) which would help to teach children about the principles of right and wrong (mannerisms).
  • Any other ideas you may have?
  • Contributors get a free copy of the edition that they contributed to (approved contribution).